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Kra­nus Health GmbH

Das digi­tale Gesund­heits­we­sen in Deutsch­land wird in den nächs­ten Jah­ren zu einer Multi-Mil­li­ar­den Euro Bran­che wach­sen, getrie­ben u.a. vom Digi­ta­len Ver­sor­gungs Gesetz und den Impli­ka­tio­nen von Covid-19. Das sind wir, eine digi­tale Gesund­heits­platt­form für Män­ner. Wir ent­wick­len digi­tale The­ra­pien nach neus­ten wis­sen­schaft­li­chen Erkennt­nis­sen für Erkran­kun­gen im Bereich Sexual Gesund­heit.
Wir sind ein Grün­der­team mit einem Hin­ter­grund in wachs­tums­star­ken Tech Start-ups sowie Pro­fes­sor Dr. Mil­ler aus der Cha­rité Ber­lin. Nach erfolg­rei­cher Seed Finan­zie­rungs­runde, suchen wir nun wei­tere Ver­stär­kung für unser Team.
Du bist bereit mit uns gemein­sam die Gesund­heits­bran­che zu trans­for­mie­ren und zu digi­ta­li­sie­ren? Dann bewirbt Dich jetzt!

(Senior) Pro­duct Mana­ger

@Health­Tech Start-up


Become part of our gro­wing Pro­duct & Engi­nee­ring org and take our first pro­duct, Kra­nus Edera, over from our Foun­der/CTO and report direc­tly to him. Fur­ther­more, you will also be hel­ping to deve­lop and test new pro­ducts in the men's health space in the near future.

Check out our README to learn more about us and our cul­ture:

Product Stra­tegy
  • Coor­di­nate with sta­ke­hol­ders intern­ally (medi­cal, busi­ness, Ops, Mar­ke­ting etc.) to drive bet­ter pati­ent out­co­mes and deli­ver on busi­ness goals
  • Rese­arch and define the needs of our custo­mers, health care prac­ti­tio­ners and users in a struc­tu­red way to improve UX and drive pro­duct growth and adop­tion
  • Work with senior lea­dership to define the road­map to build a scala­ble pro­duct and inter­na­tio­na­li­sa­tion approach which ful­fils our custo­mers needs, regu­latory cons­traints and works for the busi­ness.

Pro­duct Deve­lop­ment
  • Deli­ver great soft­ware on time in accordance to our road­map
  • Create great UX with our pro­duct desi­gner
  • Coor­di­nate the Scrum deve­lop­ment pro­cess of our engi­nee­ring team (2-week sprints)
  • Release manage­ment and docu­men­ta­tion - we are a medi­cal device com­pany so we need great release manage­ment and docu­men­ta­tion of what we are ship­ping to our pati­ents
  • Inter­face with Ops team to gather valu­able pati­ent feed­back to improve the pro­duct

Erwartete Qualifikationen:

You are
  • We are loo­king for a PM who have a first expe­ri­ence in the pro­duct area and in start-ups
  • Obses­sed with UX
  • Up for spar­ring with both our Desi­gners and our Engi­neers to deli­ver the best UX
  • Fami­liar with our stack (or have no pro­blem get­ting up to speed): Jira, Con­flu­ence, Figma, Git­Hub, Slack etc.
  • You speak Ger­man at a native level and are flu­ent in Eng­lish (our pati­ents are Ger­man!)

Ide­ally you also
  • Have expe­ri­ence in working in a health­care set­ting or being expo­sed to medi­cal regu­la­ti­ons, espe­ci­ally in the EU or spe­ci­fi­cally in Ger­many
  • Can ima­gine beco­m­ing Pro­duct Lead and lead the PM team in the future as the com­pany con­ti­nues to grow

Unser Angebot:

  • Really help people and make a dif­fe­rence by working on medi­cal pro­ducts that help users every day
  • Com­pany of owners - all full-time employees get equity in the com­pany
  • Oppor­tu­nity to work on new pro­ducts and create a team around you as the com­pany con­ti­nues to grow if you are up for the chal­lenge
  • Fast-paced startup envi­ron­ment with very flat hier­ar­chies
  • Inter­na­tio­nal envi­ron­ment (even though our web­site still needs an EN trans­la­tion ;-))
  • Fun and smart people to work with
  • Com­pany Bene­fits: Bene­fit-Bud­get, Com­pany Pen­sion Plan, "Take-as-much-as-you-need" vaca­tion policy