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Corning Opti­cal Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons GmbH & Co. KG

Corn­ing Optical Com­mu­nic­a­tions is a lead­ing man­u­fac­turer of fiber optic and cop­per com­mu­nic­a­tions sys­tem solu­tions for voice, data and video net­work applic­a­tions world­wide. Corn­ing Optical Com­mu­nic­a­tions is wholly owned by Corn­ing Incor­por­ated.

Corn­ing Optical Com­mu­nic­a­tions offers the broad­est range of end-to-end fiber optic and cop­per product solu­tions for cus­tom­ers' tele­com­mu­nic­a­tions net­works. Our cus­tomer-focused solu­tions include cables, con­nect­ors, and related hard­ware, and net­work ser­vices that include net­work design, pro­ject man­age­ment, install­a­tion and main­ten­ance, equip­ment rental and train­ing pro­grams.

Work­ing stu­dent for fiber optical com­mu­nic­a­tions and mm-wave propaga­tion (m/f)

Work­ing field:

Design and setup of exper­i­mental test sta­tions for:
  • Fiber optical trans­mis­sion sys­tems
  • 60 GHz com­mu­nic­a­tions
Eval­u­ation of the trans­mis­sion char­ac­ter­ist­ics of such sys­tems using:
  • Real- or sampling scope
  • BER tester
  • Net­work ana­lyzer
Exper­i­mental char­ac­ter­iz­a­tion of optical com­pon­ents
Sim­u­la­tion of optical trans­mis­sion links


Min­imal require­ments:
  • Stu­dent of Phys­ics or elec­trical engin­eer­ing
  • Solid back­ground in fiber optical trans­mis­sion sys­tem or mm-Wave/mobile com­mu­nic­a­tions

At least one of the fol­low­ing items is met:
  • First exper­i­ence set­ting up:
Fiber optical trans­mis­sion sys­tem using external mod­u­lator, dir­ect mod­u­lated lasers,
pho­to­di­odes, etc.
60 GHz exper­i­ments or sim­ilar
  • First exper­i­ence using sim­u­la­tions tools such as VPITrans­mis­sion­Maker or RSoft
  • First exper­i­ence char­ac­ter­iz­ing optical com­pon­ents or optical fiber.
  • Exper­i­ence using RF meas­ure­ment equip­ment

Addi­tional Inform­a­tion:
  • Advanced Eng­lish or Ger­man skills (Ger­man not a must)
  • Know­ledge in Excel, Mat­lab/ Math­em­at­ica desired
  • Employ­ment as a work­ing stu­dent is part time (min of 16 and max of 20 work­ing hours per week
dur­ing semester and 40 work­ing hours per week dur­ing semester breaks)
  • Employ­ment as an intern is pos­sible
  • Cur­rent enrol­ment at a Uni­versity is man­dat­ory (at least 6 semesters for Bach­elor stu­dents)

What we of­fer:

We offer you an excel­lent oppor­tun­ity as a work­ing stu­dent in an attract­ive inter­na­tional envir­on­ment with ded­ic­ated and exper­i­enced team. You get a deeper insight into the activ­it­ies of a global innov­at­ive com­pany. For fur­ther inform­a­tion please refer to our homepage

How to ap­ply:

If you are inter­ested in this oppor­tun­ity, please send your applic­a­tion to: