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RWTH Aachen - III. Physikalisches Institut A

The Phy­sics Insti­tute IIIA at RWTH Aachen seeks app­li­ca­ti­ons for two Rese­arch Asso­ciate posi­ti­ons to work on the CMS expe­ri­ment at the LHC. The suc­cess­ful app­li­cant will play a major role in mea­su­re­ments of the pro­per­ties of the Higgs Boson.

The depart­ment of phy­sics at RWTH Aachen Uni­ver­sity offers a vibrant com­mu­nity of par­ti­cle phy­si­cists who play lea­ding roles in ana­ly­sis of data, in the defi­ni­tion and refi­ne­ment of phy­sics objects, in detec­tor com­mis­sio­ning and ope­ra­ti­ons, and in the design and deve­lop­ment of the detec­tor upgrade. There is close and fre­quent col­la­bo­ra­tion with the strong local theory com­mu­nity as well as with other local expe­ri­men­tal groups. Through our CMS Tier-2/Tier-3 clus­ter there is access to out­stan­ding com­pu­ting resour­ces. RWTH Aachen is one of Ger­many’s lea­ding rese­arch uni­ver­si­ties.

We offer an excel­lent work envi­ron­ment in an expe­ri­en­ced and highly moti­va­ted team, sup­port in deve­lo­ping your own ideas and esta­blis­hing a track record for future career deve­lop­ment, and a rea­sonable tra­vel bud­get to enable regu­lar trips to CERN and to inter­na­tio­nal con­fe­ren­ces.
Suc­cess­ful can­di­da­tes will be sup­por­ted for regu­lar tra­vel to CERN inclu­ding the pos­si­bi­lity of an exten­ded stay at CERN for several months. 

Postdoctoral Research Associate


The suc­cess­ful can­di­date will play a lea­ding role in a new pro­ject on the world’s most
pre­cise direct mea­su­re­ment of the Higgs-charm Yukawa cou­pling (ERC pro­ject HIGCC). In
this pro­ject, new algo­rithms for the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of charm-quark jets will be deve­lo­ped and
app­lied in the search for Higgs Bosons deca­ying to charm quarks

Er­war­te­te Qua­li­fi­ka­tio­nen:

  • App­li­cants must have a doc­to­rate/Ph.D. or equi­va­lent.
  • We are loo­king for app­li­cants with a Ph.D. in expe­ri­men­tal par­ti­cle phy­sics and the
poten­tial to drive pro­gress in phy­sics ana­ly­sis and deve­lop­ment of recon­struc­tion soft­ware.

Un­ser An­ge­bot:

The posi­tion is for 3 years and is to be fil­led by Sep­tem­ber 1, 2017. An exten­sion for ano­ther 2 years is pos­si­ble. This is a full-time posi­tion.

The salary cor­re­sponds to level E13 TV-L.

RWTH Aachen Uni­ver­sity is cer­ti­fied as a "Family-Fri­endly Uni­ver­sity". We par­ti­cu­larly wel­come and encou­rage app­li­ca­ti­ons from women, disa­b­led per­sons and eth­nic mino­rity groups, reco­gni­zing they are under­re­pre­sen­ted across RWTH Aachen Uni­ver­sity. The prin­ci­ples of fair and open com­pe­ti­tion apply and appoint­ments will be made on merit.

Hin­wei­se zur Be­wer­bung:

For further details, please contact
Dr. Alexander Schmidt
Tel.: +49 (0) 16099241643

Please send your application by July 10, 2017 to
RWTH Aachen
III. Physikalisches Institut A
Sommerfeldstrasse 14
52074 Aachen

You can also send your application via email to Please note, however, that communication via unencrypted e-mail poses a threat to confidentiality as it is potentially vulnerable to unauthorized access by third parties.