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TRIX­TER Ber­lin GmbH - VFX Pro­duk­tion

Since 1998, TRIX­TER has been crea­ting out­stan­ding visual effects and digi­tal cha­rac­ter ani­ma­tion for fea­ture films, tele­vi­sion and com­mer­ci­als. From the early days, TRIX­TER esta­blis­hed its­elf as a major player in the field of emo­tive cha­rac­ter ani­ma­tion, both for fully com­pu­ter gene­ra­ted ani­ma­ted fea­tures as well as live-action pro­duc­tions. Over the past few years, TRIX­TER has expan­ded its exper­tise by bran­ching out into visual effects and has recently accom­plis­hed some out­stan­ding work for inter­na­tio­nal pro­jects such as Mar­vel’s The Aven­gers, Cloud Atlas, Cap­tain Ame­rica, X-Men: First Class, Jour­ney 2, Green Lan­tern, Nar­nia 3, Lilli the Witch, Iron Man 2 and many more.
In Ger­many we are best known for our cont­ri­bu­tion to Bully’s Hui Buh and Wickie and the CG cha­rac­ter Hek­tor in Lilli the Witch.

Junior/mid Sys­tem Admin­is­trator (Red­Hat/Cen­tOS, *BSD, Illumos)

Work­ing field:



Pre­vi­ous know­ledge of Cen­tOS, Red­Hat, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and illumos OS are pref­ered but not a must. The ideal can­did­ate should know how to assemble a PC, work with serv­ers on the com­mand line and have good eng­lish com­mu­nic­a­tion skills.

The ideal can­did­ate would have:
  • pre­vi­ous know­ledge of Cen­tOS, Red­Hat, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and illumos OS
  • know­ledge on how to assemble and debug a high-end PC/work­sta­tion
  • basic UNIX/Linux ser­vices like DHCP, DNS, PXE, FTP, samba, NFS, fire­walling and rout­ing
  • should be con­fort­able work­ing on the CLI and know basic bash script­ing
  • pas­sion for the field and a will­ing­ness to learn

What we of­fer:

Growth oppor­tun­ity, cool col­leagues, free drinks, bar­be­cue party's by the Spree.

Also, the office is loc­ated in a very vibrant part of town.

How to ap­ply:

Send your resume to