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Quo­byte Inc. - IT – Dis­trib­uted Stor­age

Quo­byte offers a soft­ware stor­age solu­tion for all kinds of work­loads. At core, Quo­byte is a lin­early scal­able and fully fault-tol­er­ant dis­trib­uted file sys­tem. It replaces tra­di­tional enter­prise stor­age sys­tems in areas ran­ging from HPC and Big Data oper­a­tions to ser­vice pro­viders and Open­Stack or Kuber­netes users. Quo­byte is com­pat­ible with and integ­rated into infra­struc­ture tech­no­lo­gies such as Kuber­netes, Docker, Open­Stack, Meso­sphere’s DC/OS, sup­ports Hadoop, and more.

Quo­byte was foun­ded in 2013, is VC-backed, and has offices in Ber­lin and Santa Clara, USA.

Unsere Arbeitss­prac­hen sind Deutsch und Eng­lisch.

Work­ing Stu­dent – Soft­ware Devel­op­ment (f/m)

As Work­ing Stu­dent – Soft­ware Devel­op­ment you’ll be a mem­ber of our soft­ware engin­eer­ing team which focuses on mak­ing dis­trib­uted file sys­tem tech­no­logy faster, safer, and easier to use.

Work­ing field:

You will help our team (incl. ex-Goo­glers) work on cut­ting-edge dis­trib­uted sys­tems prob­lems (we have our own Paxos imple­ment­a­tion!) and advance and develop your pro­gram­ming and infra­struc­ture skills by con­trib­ut­ing fea­tures and integ­ra­tions as a mem­ber of an exper­i­enced engin­eer­ing team. (We’re using and writ­ing integ­ra­tions for Kuber­netes, Docker, Open­Stack, DC/OS and more).

If you’re inter­ested, we’re look­ing for stu­dents to join our engin­eer­ing team for 15–20 hours/week.


  • You’re enrolled in Com­puter Sci­ence or a related tech­nical dis­cip­line
  • You’re no stranger to writ­ing code and work­ing with the com­mand line
  • Know­ledge about large-scale sys­tems soft­ware design and devel­op­ment exper­i­ence are a plus (feel free to add links to your code and pro­jects)

What we of­fer:

  • You’ll be an import­ant part of our team and be involved in the diverse range of tasks that make up daily soft­ware engin­eer­ing in an agile IT star­tup
  • You’ll gain expert­ise and broaden your tech­nical know-how about cur­rent infra­struc­ture trends
  • Gain cod­ing exper­i­ence in a real world set­ting (using C++, Java, or Python)
  • Excit­ing insights into dis­trib­uted sys­tems tech­no­logy in the stor­age sec­tor and bey­ond
  • A pan­or­amic 15th-floor view over­look­ing the Tier­garten right from your desk at our office

How to ap­ply:

Sounds inter­est­ing? Don’t hes­it­ate to apply by send­ing your CV to
(If you have fur­ther ques­tions regard­ing the pos­i­tion or the applic­a­tion pro­cess, feel free to get in touch.)