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Upvest - Block­chain Star­tup

Upvest ist Europa's füh­ren­der Crypto-Bro­ker mit Stand­or­ten in Ber­lin (Prak­ti­kums-Stand­ort) und Liech­ten­stein. Wir selek­tie­ren die top 1% aller Block­chain Ven­tures und ermög­li­chen den Ver­kauf ihrer Tokens.

Wir ent­wi­ckeln eben­falls hoch inno­va­tive Tech­no­lo­gie mit einem erfah­re­nem Ent­wick­lungs­team unter der Füh­rung zweier Top Engi­neers (Foun­der of Bit­bu­cket, Lead Archi­tect Kre­di­tech). Unser Team ist von Deutsch­lands Top-VCs finan­ziert und besteht aus füh­ren­den Ent­wick­lern, Finanz­ex­per­ten und Unter­neh­mern.

Werk­stu­dent Ent­wick­lung (m/w)

Working Stu­dent Deve­lop­ment (m/f)


(Please con­ti­nue in Eng­lish) What are we buil­ding at Upvest?
  • Dis­tri­buted, fault tole­rant finan­cial infra­struc­ture for cryp­to­cur­ren­cies
  • A uni­fied accoun­ting solu­tion for multi pro­to­col block­chains
  • Frame­work for ana­ly­zing on-chain tran­sac­tions of block­chains like Ethe­reum, Bit­coin or Arweave
  • Inte­gra­tion with popu­lar exch­an­ges like Coin­base or Binance or Ether­Delta for liqui­da­ting or buy­ing assets.
  • High qua­lity stan­dards ensu­red by using the expres­si­ven­ess and safety of typele­vel pro­gramming.

Er­war­te­te Qua­li­fi­ka­tio­nen:

  • Gra­duate or under­gra­duate stu­dent in Com­pu­ter Sci­ence, Com­pu­ter Engi­nee­ring or a rela­ted disci­pline
  • Past internship expe­ri­ence pre­fer­red
  • Open Source cont­ri­bu­ti­ons and par­ti­ci­pa­tion is a plus
  • Com­for­ta­ble with using at least one of the fol­lo­wing lan­gua­ges: Scala, Rust, Go, Java, Python or Has­kell
  • Expe­ri­ence with Unix-like sys­tems
  • Basic under­stan­ding of net­works and secu­rity con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons
  • Respect for the writ­ten word and the art of com­mu­ni­ca­tion

Un­ser An­ge­bot:

Expe­ri­en­ced, moti­va­ted team. Great learning oppor­tu­nity towards Block­chain / Crypto.

  • Engi­nee­ring Values
  • Remo­ving code is more important than wri­ting new if func­tio­na­lity stays
  • Talk is cheap, design is key, code is cur­rency
  • Fail fast, learn from it, do it bet­ter
  • Open source all the way