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Con­vex Energy GmbH

Con­vex Energy is a start-up, oper­at­ing from one of the most vibrant scenes in Ber­lin, with back­ing from a lead­ing Ger­man energy ser­vice pro­vider. We oper­ate in the com­mod­it­ies sec­tor, where we man­age renew­able energy pro­duc­tion across phys­ical European power exchanges and provide expert know­ledge to mar­ket lead­ing play­ers.

Data Sci­ent­ist for build­ing Trad­ing mod­els

Work­ing field:

Data Sci­ence


  • Degree in Com­puter Sci­ence, Data Sci­ence or Math­em­at­ics
  • Know­ledge of a vari­ety of machine learn­ing tech­niques and their real-world advant­ages/draw­backs.
  • You are very famil­iar with Python lib­rar­ies and tools for data ana­lysis and machine learn­ing.
  • You can build a model of real­ity, val­id­ate it, and quantify your errors. You know how to fine-tune your hyper­para­met­ers, optim­ize the res­ults, and even­tu­ally optim­ize the per­form­ance.
  • You are flu­ent in Eng­lish (spoken & writ­ten)
  • You are driven, ambi­tious and don’t back down from new chal­lenges

What we of­fer:

  • An early seat in an inter­na­tional, thriv­ing start-up team based in the EUREF Cam­pus in Ber­lin
  • Salary accord­ing to qual­i­fic­a­tions
  • A lot of respons­ib­il­ity, learn­ing and fun

How to ap­ply:

If you want to be a part of this jour­ney, send your applic­a­tion to