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GHM Mobile Deve­lop­ment GmbH

The Free2Move eco­sys­tem is a fam­ily of enter­prise-level ser­vices, web­sites and mobile apps offer­ing mobil­ity shar­ing to a wide range of cus­tom­ers. We have a diverse land­scape of soft­ware sys­tems run­ning to drive our product. Some are leg­acy oth­ers are built on mod­ern and solid tech­no­logy. Most ser­vices are built in Scala but a new Node.js eco­sys­tem is emer­ging and we invest­ig­ate the use­ful­ness of AWS Lambda with some internal use cases. We use Rab­bitMQ as a con­nector between dif­fer­ent ser­vices, Redis for fast geo quer­ies and we build and deploy with docker to AWS. Our mobile apps con­sume a vari­ety of REST­ful APIs. Fron­tend and backend work closely together, to achieve good integ­ra­tion.

Work­ing stu­dent Node.js Soft­ware Devel­op­ment (m/f)

Work­ing field:

Our Node.js stack is built in ES7 on top of koa frame­work. Test­ing is done with Jest, we meas­ure cov­er­age and the build fails if threshold is not met. Mon­goDB is our primary data stor­age. We use latest libs and drivers and go async/await where pos­sible.


We are look­ing for a work­ing stu­dent who wants to learn and apply solid devel­op­ment prac­tices on a mod­ern and stack of node.js tech­no­lo­gies. We want to meet you for an inter­view if:

Your pro­file:

  • You are excited about dis­cov­er­ing and apply­ing more in-depth know­ledge of JavaS­cript. You should already know basics about pro­to­type inher­it­ance, this bind­ing, clos­ure con­texts and lex­ical scop­ing (we don’t teach you JavaS­cript from the begin­ning here)
  • You are happy to learn a hybrid style of func­tional and OO pro­gram­ming
  • You pay atten­tion to details when writ­ing your code. You don’t copy&paste code from stack­over­flow unless you under­stand how it works and con­sider it a good solu­tion
  • You are not afraid to ask ques­tions and you can and want to dis­cuss solu­tions based on argu­ments

Your tasks:

  • Increase our test cov­er­age by writ­ing more unit and integ­ra­tion tests
  • Write soft­ware tutori­als and doc­u­ment­a­tion for other developers
  • Imple­ment REST resources, Mon­goDB quer­ies, JSON pro­cessing pipelines accord­ing to your know­ledge
  • Invest­ig­ate tech­no­lo­gies and build small pro­to­types

What we of­fer:

At Free2Move we offer:

  • You will work on a mod­ern and very well designed stack of tech­no­lo­gies includ­ing a work­ing CI build pipeline (we do a good deal of what can be con­sidered solid engin­eer­ing)
  • You will read and work with clean code writ­ten by people (you know what that means)
  • You get every­day ment­or­ing
  • You will work in an inter­na­tional team with flat hier­arch­ies
  • You will get free car­shar­ing!!

How to ap­ply: