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IFW Dres­den e.V. - Solid State and Mater­i­als Research

This ESR pos­i­tion is part of the European Train­ing Net­work “BIOREMIA” deal­ing with research on novel biofilm-res­ist­ant mater­i­als for hard tis­sue implant applic­a­tions. BIOREMIA offers the pos­sib­il­ity to pur­sue the PhD within the Net­work at dif­fer­ent uni­versit­ies and indus­trial com­pan­ies from 10 European coun­tries (Ger­many, Aus­tria, Italy, Sweden, Greece, UK, Spain, Ire­land, France, and Switzer­land).
Back­ground inform­a­tion on all ESR pos­i­tions and BIOREMIA Net­work is avail­able on
BIOREMIA ETN (“BIOfilm-REs­ist­ant Mater­i­als for hard tis­sue Implant Applic­a­tions”) is fun­ded by the European Union’s Hori­zon 2020 research and innov­a­tion pro­gramme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agree­ment no. 861046.

Early-Stage Researcher / PhD pos­i­tion (ESR 2)

The Leib­niz Insti­tute for Solid State and Mater­i­als Research Dresden, Ger­many

Work­ing field:

The object­ive is to develop new beta-type Ti-based alloys with anti­bac­terial func­tion­al­ity. Beta-type TiNb-based alloys con­tain­ing small addi­tions of anti­bac­terial ele­ments (e.g. Ag, Cu etc.) will be pre­pared by cold cru­cible cast­ing and addit­ive man­u­fac­tur­ing (select­ive laser melt­ing). As a bone implant use is envi­sioned, the main char­ac­ter­istic that will dis­tin­guish beta-type Ti-alloys from com­mer­cial Ti-based mater­i­als will be the changed bio­mech­an­ical envir­on­ment res­ult­ing from the lower Young’s mod­u­lus of the bulk mater­ial, com­bined with reas­on­able mech­an­ical strength. Vari­ous alloy for­mu­la­tions will be pro­duced and their micro­struc­ture, cor­ro­sion, tri­bocor­ro­sion and mech­an­ical prop­er­ties will be invest­ig­ated. Optim­ized com­pos­i­tions will be selec­ted for in vitro cell cul­ture and biofilm test­ing.
Expec­ted Res­ults: a) Biofilm-res­ist­ant Ti-based alloys with low stiff­ness and improved cor­ro­sion and wear res­ist­ance; b) Under­stand­ing the effects of bac­ter­icidal alloy­ing ele­ments on the chem­ical and mech­an­ical prop­er­ties of Ti alloys.
The ESR will travel abroad for research second­ments at dif­fer­ent insti­tu­tions of the BIOREMIA Net­work (e.g at INSA Lyon and Antho­gyr- France, Uni­versity of Gothen­burg - Sweden) and will par­ti­cip­ate in spe­cial­ised train­ing meet­ings and inter­na­tional con­fer­ences.
The ESR will enroll in the doc­toral stu­dent pro­gramme at Tech­nical Uni­versity Dresden.


  • Applic­ants must hold a Mas­ter’s degree or equi­val­ent in Mater­i­als Sci­ence and Engin­eer­ing or Phys­ics provid­ing access to PhD pro­grams and should have exper­i­ence with exper­i­mental research.
  • Applic­ants must have excel­lent pro­fi­ciency in writ­ten and spoken Eng­lish.
  • Applic­ants must have strong motiv­a­tion and abil­ity to col­lab­or­ate in an inter­dis­cip­lin­ary and inter­na­tional team.
Applic­ants must at the time of recruit­ment:
1) Be in the first four years (full-time equi­val­ent) of their research careers
2) Have not resided in Ger­many for more than 12 months in the last 3 years
3) Have not been awar­ded a doc­toral degree.

What we of­fer:

The appoint­ment will be on a tem­por­ary basis for a max­imum period of 36 months (PhD stu­dent, reg­u­lar full-time employ­ment con­tract), with an attract­ive salary plus allow­ances pack­age accord­ing to the Marie Skłodowska-Curie / Innov­at­ive Train­ing Net­works rules.

How to ap­ply:

Inter­ested can­did­ates should send an applic­a­tion con­tain­ing the fol­low­ing doc­u­ments in Eng­lish (and, when neces­sary, a cer­ti­fied trans­la­tion of offi­cial doc­u­ments):
  • Motiv­a­tion Let­ter (describ­ing research career goals, skills, exper­i­ence, and high­light­ing the con­sist­ency between the can­did­ate’s pro­file and the chosen ESR pos­i­tion)
  • A com­plete Cur­riculum Vitae with ref­er­ences to past research and train­ing exper­i­ences
  • Cop­ies of Bach­elor and Mas­ter’s cer­ti­fic­ates/dip­loma & tran­scripts
  • Two Ref­er­ence Let­ters
  • Pub­lic­a­tions (if avail­able).

Applic­a­tions should be sent by e-mail as a single PDF, quot­ing the pro­ject name and the ESR pos­i­tion "BIOREMIA - ESR 2”, to:

Applic­a­tions can also be sub­mit­ted via the online Applic­a­tion Form at

  • For addi­tional inform­a­tion about this ESR pos­i­tion, please con­tact the sci­ent­ist-in-charge / super­visor:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mari­ana Calin

  • Some back­ground mater­ial about host insti­tu­tion & research group can be found here: