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ZTE Deutsch­land GmbH

As a world-lead­ing pro­vider of integ­rated ICT solu­tions, ZTE provides innov­at­ive tech­no­lo­gies and product solu­tions for global tele­com­mu­nic­a­tions oper­at­ors, gov­ern­ment and enter­prise cus­tom­ers, and con­sumers. Foun­ded in 1985, the com­pany has been lis­ted in both the Hong Kong mar­ket and the Shen­zhen mar­ket. Its busi­ness cov­ers 160 coun­tries and regions, serving more than 1/4 of the global pop­u­la­tion. It is com­mit­ted to achiev­ing the vis­ion of "mak­ing com­mu­nic­a­tion and trust every­where."

ZTE has com­plete end-to-end product lines and integ­rated solu­tions in the com­mu­nic­a­tions industry. Through a full range of wire­less, wired, ser­vice, ter­minal products, and pro­fes­sional com­mu­nic­a­tions ser­vices, ZTE can flex­ibly meet the dif­fer­en­ti­ated and rapid innov­a­tion require­ments of dif­fer­ent oper­at­ors, gov­ern­ment and enter­prise cus­tom­ers world­wide. At present ZTE has fully served main­stream global oper­at­ors and gov­ern­ment and enter­prise cus­tom­ers. ZTE insists on Build Stronger Core Com­pet­ence, con­tinu­ously enhances R&D invest­ment and core com­pet­it­ive­ness. By June 2021, ZTE had filed over 80000 pat­ents world­wide and accu­mu­lated over the years 40000 pat­ents world­wide. By June 2021, ZTE has filed over 4400 chip pat­ents and has gran­ted over 1,950 licenses.

Junior Integ­rator (m/w/d)

Working field:

What will you be doing?
  • Con­fig­ure the new para­met­ers on the tar­get net­work device and all other affected devices (IP address, net­mask, new gate­way address, etc);
  • Ensur­ing the fault-free phys­ical con­nec­tion of the net­work ele­ment in cooper­a­tion with a field tech­ni­cian;
  • Import the default con­fig­ur­a­tion in cooper­a­tion with the field tech­ni­cian;
  • Test­ing the access­ib­il­ity of the net­work ele­ment;
  • Test­ing and activ­a­tion of the hard­ware accord­ing to the work­pack;
  • Veri­fic­a­tion of all patches/con­nec­tions accord­ing to work­pack and net­work plan;
  • Con­fig­ur­a­tion of the net­work ele­ment accord­ing to the work­pack and para­meter plan­ning;
  • Final Con­fig­ur­a­tion of the involved remote devices accord­ing to the para­met­ers;
  • Check of remote access­ib­il­ity;
  • Integ­ra­tion of the net­work ele­ment into the net­work man­age­ment sys­tem;
  • Access to the net­work ele­ment via the net­work man­age­ment sys­tem - Refresh in the net­work man­age­ment sys­tem;
  • Test­ing that the net­work ele­ment is free of errors and alarms in the man­age­ment sys­tem and, if neces­sary, execut­ing the alarm hand­ling pro­ced­ure;
  • Test­ing for func­tion and absence of alarms on the net­work ele­ment;
  • Main­ten­ance of the UTS tick­ets;
  • Pro­cessing incid­ents that have arisen due to incor­rect exe­cu­tion of the work;
  • Main­ten­ance of the status val­ues in the cor­res­pond­ing data­bases of the cli­ent;
  • Decon­fig­ure the para­met­ers on the tar­get net­work unit and all other affected units;
  • Decon­fig­ur­a­tion of the con­fig­ur­a­tion in coordin­a­tion with the field tech­ni­cian;
  • Decon­fig­ur­a­tion of the net­work ele­ment accord­ing to work­pack and para­meter plan;
  • Decon­fig­ur­a­tion of the net­work ele­ment from the net­work man­age­ment sys­tem.


Which skills do you need?
  • Uni­versity degree (bach­elor and above) in com­puter sci­ence, tele­com­mu­nic­a­tions or equi­val­ent;
  • Know­ledge of tele­com­mu­nic­a­tions is neces­sary, espe­cially trans­port­a­tion know­ledge;
  • Able and will­ing to work dur­ing night shift and on call, good com­mu­nic­a­tion skill;
  • Ger­man, Eng­lish and Chinese in busi­ness flu­ent;
  • Well oper­a­tion of com­puter and office tools;
  • Neces­sary train­ing will be provided before work start with ZTE HQ product spe­cial­ist.

How to apply:

This is an excel­lent oppor­tun­ity for someone who is look­ing for their chance to work in an inter­na­tional envir­on­ment in the tech­no­logy field. If we have sparked your interest, please send your applic­a­tion, to: