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Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­sität Ber­lin - Faculty II - Institute of Chemistry / Met­al­or­gan­ics and Inor­ganic Mater­i­als

Research Assistant (PostDoc) - salary grade E13 TV-L Berliner Hochschulen

part-time employment may be possible

Working field:

  • Collaboration in a project network for optimized material development for technical H2 generation through improved oxygen electrodes with high qualification
  • Research focus: synthesis of new, functional catalysts for electro(photo)chemical water splitting under technologically relevant conditions with emphasis on the discovery of new new materials and crystal structures and the understanding of the relationships between structure and activity, as well as the underlying physicochemical mechanisms.
  • Preparation of regular reports and presentations on the progress of the research project and participation in collaborative work with the project partners, as well as preparation of scientific papers and conference materials (posters and presentation materials).


  • Successfully completed university degree (Master, Diplom or equivalent) and doctorate in chemistry, with a focus on materials chemistry and electrochemistry
  • Proven expertise in the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials
  • A solid understanding of solid-state catalysts (e.g., hydrothermal, microwave synthesis) and synthesis of molecular precursors
  • Experience using modern instrumentation including X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, spectroscopy (e.g., X-ray absorption spectroscopy, photoelectron spectroscopy)
  • Knowledge of photo(electro)catalysis is an advantage
  • Profound theoretical and experimental knowledge of the current state of the art in the field of water splitting is necessary, as the work is part of a collaborative project and therefore no long training period can be granted
  • Practical experience in the fields of electrocatalysis, thin film fabrication and electrolyzers
  • Full professional German skills are required to perform the project tasks
  • Professional English skills are desirable

How to apply:

Please send your application with the reference number and the usual documents (combined in a single pdf file, max 5 MB) by email

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To ensure equal opportunities between women and men, applications by women with the required qualifications are explicitly desired. Qualified individuals with disabilities will be favored. The TU Berlin values the diversity of its members and is committed to the goals of equal opportunities.

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