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Fin­Leap - FinTech

We’re a new ven­ture launched by Fin­Leap, a FinTech com­pany builder based in Ber­lin and act­ive in more than ten coun­tries. We are look­ing to tap into the under­served demand for inform­a­tion secur­ity and insur­ance for SMEs, start­ing in Ger­many and going global. Our envir­on­ment is diverse, excit­ing, fast-paced and chan­ging every day. We’re now look­ing for a Engin­eer­ing Intern (m/f) for our office in Ber­lin.

Engin­eer­ing Intern / Work­ing Stu­dent (m/f) for a new Cyber Secur­ity ven­ture at Fin­Leap

Build­ing a good engin­eer­ing product is in our opin­ion the most excit­ing thing in the world. Apply­ing con­cepts which ori­gin­ated more than two thou­sand years ago in logic and form­al­ized by lambda cal­cu­lus (yes, we know the curry-howard iso­morph­ism), com­bin­ing the­or­et­ical con­cepts with cut­ting edge tech­no­logy and healthy prag­mat­ism is what drives our engin­eer­ing. Does the thought of work­ing in such an envir­on­ment interest you? Does work­ing in cyber secur­ity interest you? Look no fur­ther for your next career step — take the leap and join our team as we reshape the industry.

Work­ing field:

  • Work­ing on imple­ment­ing dis­trib­uted mes­sage driven ser­vices across our infra­struc­ture.
  • Man­aging the huge amount of data used for stat­ist­ical mod­el­ling and visu­al­iz­a­tion.
  • Integ­ra­tion of cut­ting edge secur­ity soft­ware inside our product port­fo­lio.
  • Hand­ling UI inter­ac­tions with dis­trib­uted ser­vices.


  • Under­gradu­ate in Com­puter Sci­ence, Math­em­at­ics, Phys­ics or a related dis­cip­line.
  • Exper­i­enced with at least one of the fol­low­ing pro­gram­ming lan­guages: Go, Python, Scala, Erlang, Java, JavaS­cript, C++, Haskell or sim­ilar.
  • Interest in the cyber secur­ity domain.
  • Exper­i­ence with Unix based oper­at­ing sys­tems.
  • Valid work per­mit required.

What we of­fer:

We think that the right cul­ture is the key to suc­cess­fully approach the grow­ing com­plex­ity in the tech­no­logy industry. Shar­ing a com­mon vis­ion, get­ting rational feed­back and learn­ing new things are our back­bones to build this cul­ture which pro­motes diversity and open opin­ions.
An inter­na­tional work­ing envir­on­ment (we speak Eng­lish) that mixes serial entre­pren­eurs with industry experts, work­ing together to ensure the com­pany’s suc­cess, adding excel­lent learn­ing and devel­op­ment oppor­tun­it­ies, and abil­ity to inde­pend­ently drive your area of respons­ib­il­ity and fur­ther grow the role
We believe hard work and suc­cess deserve to be cel­eb­rated — both in and out of the office, and offer the fol­low­ing bene­fits: free break­fast and Ger­man les­sons in the office, late work­ing din­ners paid by the com­pany, Urban Sports Club and EVO-fit­ness spe­cial com­pany rates, BVG (Ber­lin pub­lic trans­port) spe­cial com­pany rate, sev­eral other cor­por­ate bene­fits, visa and relo­ca­tion assist­ance
Apple or Len­ovo equip­ment (whichever you prefer)
A mod­ern work­place in Ber­lin-Mitte, Rosa-Lux­em­burg Str. with a developer friendly atmo­sphere which encour­ages learn­ing and high qual­ity res­ults.

Some things we believe in:
Remov­ing code is more import­ant than pro­du­cing code if func­tion­al­ity stays the same!
In learn we trust.
Trans­par­ency and own­er­ship.
Fun in com­put­ing!

How to ap­ply:

Send us your one-page CV and rel­ev­ant work­ing doc­u­ments.
I'm look­ing for­ward to being in touch!
Best, Anwen from the Recruit­ing Team