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Ger­man Auto Labs GAL GMBH - Soft­ware, Auto­mo­tive

Ger­man Auto­labs is a newly crea­ted Ber­lin based tech­no­logy star­tup, focus­sing on the future of the car. The way we will be mobile is fac­ing a fun­da­men­tal shift. Auto­no­mous dri­ving cars, con­stant con­nec­tivity, digi­tal life­style. We will build pro­ducts and ser­vices to sup­port this excit­ing evo­lu­tion by using tech­no­logy and making it more human. We will make dri­ving safer and smar­ter. We just star­ted to create our first ama­zing pro­duct and we would like you to help us with.

Intern­ship or Stu­dent Worker AI/NLP

We offer an intern­ship (4-6 months) or a stu­dent worker pos­i­tion (20h/week) for a stu­dent with excel­lent Eng­lish lan­guage skills. Prior exper­i­ence in arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence, voice user inter­faces, or speech and lan­guage pro­cessing is a plus. You will help us improve our product's speech pro­cessing cap­ab­il­it­ies.

Work­ing field:

  • Help­ing with col­lec­tion of usage data
  • Tran­scrip­tion of audio data
  • Semantic annota­tion
  • ASR and NLU test­ing
  • Other tasks related to data col­lec­tion, cleanup, and pre­pro­cessing for machine learn­ing

The exact tasks will be defined based on your qual­i­fic­a­tions and cur­rent require­ments of the com­pany.

What we of­fer:

  • A highly agile team of ener­getic, entre­pren­eur­ial and smart col­leagues
  • The oppor­tun­ity to work in a fast paced early stage start-up where the product is still being defined and iter­ated rap­idly
  • The oppor­tun­ity to learn from exper­i­enced founders and digital product lead­ers
  • Expos­ure and insights into one of the most prom­ising emer­ging tech eco­sys­tems - the con­nec­ted car
  • A desk in the heart of Ber­lin, Europe's star­tup cap­ital
  • Team events & fun

How to ap­ply:

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Ger­man Autolabs