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Ger­man Auto Labs GAL GMBH

The way we will be mobile is facing a fun­da­mental shift: Autonom­ous and elec­trical cars, shared mobil­ity, and con­stant con­nectiv­ity of a digital life­style.

Ger­man Autolabs is a Ber­lin based tech­no­logy com­pany focus­ing on the future of the car. We build products and ser­vices to sup­port this excit­ing evol­u­tion by using tech­no­logy and mak­ing it more human. We will make driv­ing safer and smarter, start­ing with an intel­li­gent digital assist­ant for the car:

We are look­ing for a work­ing stu­dent (Werkstu­dent) Usab­il­ity & User Research to join our team and help us cre­ate and deliver state-of-the-art digital assist­ants for the auto­mot­ive after­mar­ket.

You’ll be work­ing with a cross-func­tional team of design­ers, engin­eers, mar­keters and product man­agers, mak­ing sure that we ship a great product.

Working Stu­dent Usa­bi­lity & User Rese­arch

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Work­ing field:

  • Plan for and apply various user rese­ar­cher tech­ni­ques to gather data and deve­lop insights to help improve the user expe­ri­ence with our pro­duct (with focus on human-com­pu­ter inter­ac­tion, voice user inter­faces and mobi­lity).
  • Deve­lop gui­dance for user rese­arch, plan the recruit­ment of study par­ti­ci­pants and pre­pare tes­ting mate­ri­als in col­la­bo­ra­tion with the multi-disci­pli­nary pro­ject teams.
  • Ana­lyze data (mainly qua­li­ta­tive) and pro­vide detai­led insights for how users inter­act with our apps and pro­duct in-situ, i.e. in the car.
  • Trans­late and cate­go­rize rese­arch fin­dings into actionable results that affect the future UX of our pro­duct and lead to fur­ther design direc­tions.
  • Pro­pose, carry out, and recom­mend user-tes­ting methods for dif­fe­rent use case sce­na­rios, vali­date con­cepts and iden­tify new pro­duct fea­tures and oppor­tu­nities.
  • Ide­ate with the design and UX-team how to create and test new pro­to­ty­pes for our pro­duct.


  • Stu­dent of one of the fol­lo­wing fields (or rela­ted): Psy­cho­logy, Anthro­po­logy, Human Fac­tors, Inter­ac­tion Design, Cogni­tive Sci­ence, Human-Com­pu­ter Inter­ac­tion – Bache­lor’s or Mas­ter’s level.
  • Pro­found know­ledge or wil­ling­ness to learn about qua­li­ta­tive rese­arch methods such as inter­views, con­textual inqui­ries, diary stu­dies, focus groups, eth­no­gra­phic rese­arch, sur­vey stu­dies, card sor­ting, Wizard-of-Oz etc.
  • Pro­found know­ledge in plan­ning qua­li­ta­tive (or quan­ti­ta­tive) stu­dies, con­duc­ting the rese­arch and ana­ly­zing the results gui­ded by eit­her The­ma­tic Ana­ly­sis or Groun­ded Theory.
  • Ability to work clo­sely toge­ther with various teams such as the Pro­duct and UX-Design team, as well as qua­lity assurance tes­ters and pro­gramm­ers.
  • Great skills in com­mu­ni­ca­ting rese­arch ideas with various sta­ke­hol­ders and trans­la­ting these into actionable insights.
  • Expe­ri­ence or wan­ting to gain expe­ri­ence in agile and fast-paced work envi­ron­ments.
  • Wil­ling­ness to cont­ri­bute proac­tively and crea­tively to the team with out-of-the-box thin­king.
  • Inte­rest in the field of User Expe­ri­ence, AI, AI-Assis­tants, Auto­no­mous Mobi­lity, Human-Com­pu­ter - Inter­ac­tion, Cogni­tive Psy­cho­logy, Psy­cho­logy of Per­cep­tion and Atten­tion, User Rese­arch, User-Cen­te­red Design.
  • It’s ideal if you have a dri­ver’s license.

What we of­fer:

  • An agile team of ener­ge­tic, entre­pre­neu­rial and smart col­leagues
  • The oppor­tu­nity to work in a fast-paced early stage start-up where the pro­duct is still being defi­ned and ite­ra­ted rapidly
  • The oppor­tu­nity to learn from inter­di­sci­pli­nary team of experts
  • Expo­sure and insights into one of the most pro­mi­sing emer­ging tech eco­sys­tems - the con­nec­ted car
  • A desk in the heart of Ber­lin, Europe's star­tup capi­tal
  • Team events & fun
  • A self-mana­ging, moti­va­ted and entre­pre­neu­rial nature.

How to ap­ply:

This role can not be per­for­med remo­tely, please apply only if you are in Ber­lin or are wil­ling to move to Ber­lin. No recrui­ters, head­hun­ters, out­sour­cers or agen­cies.
Ger­man Auto­labs