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IPlytics - IT, Soft­ware Tool, Inno­va­ti­ons­öko­no­mie, Mar­ket Intel­li­gence Tool

You’re inter­ested in big data, nat­ural lan­guage pro­cessing and build­ing large scal­able soft­ware from scratch?

IPlyt­ics is a Ber­lin based Big Data Star­tup that devel­ops a SaaS Solu­tion (IPlyt­ics Plat­form) to pre­dict tech­no­logy trends and ana­lyze mar­ket devel­op­ments. We are look­ing for a ded­ic­ated and meth­od­ical backend engin­eer who is pas­sion­ate about solv­ing ver­sat­ile tasks with scal­able high per­form­ance code in a power­ful star­tup envir­on­ment. This role’s focus will be a lot of devel­op­ment in Java and Inform­a­tion retrieval sys­tems.

We are a young, dynamic and inter­dis­cip­lin­ary com­pany with a selec­ted team of experts. In an inspir­ing work­ing atmo­sphere, we offer you the chance to work cross-func­tional and play a key role in the exten­sion of our product. We are look­ing for doers who are pas­sion­ate about mak­ing high-qual­ity soft­ware - with large respons­ib­il­ity from day one.

Work­ing stu­dent Backend / Data Engin­eer

Data Retrieval in Java and/or Python

Work­ing field:

Our stack
  • Java | Solr | Spring | SQL | Hadoop | HDFS | Hbase | Azure

Along­side our CTO, the backend and data sci­ent­ist team you will be involved in the data retrieval and pro­cessing for our Java-based backend.

  • Data Retrieval / writ­ing of Java/Python scrapers
  • Data Sci­ence / pro­cessing of data, which we integ­rate into the soft­ware
  • Develop clean and test­able code as well as being a part of reg­u­lar code review pro­cess
  • Be an act­ive hands-on team mem­ber that loves to col­lab­or­ate with oth­ers and tries to push the bound­ar­ies of your know­ledge and under­stand­ing.


  • Advanced BA or basic MA stu­dent of com­puter sci­ence, math­em­at­ics, data sci­ence
  • interest in data sci­ence and data pro­cessing
  • exper­i­ence and interest in pro­gram­ming
  • pro­found know­ledge in JAVA devel­op­ment
  • basic know­ledge of Python is a plus, but not a must
  • eager, highly motiv­ated, and will­ing­ness to bring for­ward a young and striv­ing product
  • Get-Things-Done-Atti­tude, respons­ible, goal-ori­ented, team player

What we of­fer:

  • Con­trib­ute to a unique soft­ware product that con­tin­ues to excite us and our cus­tom­ers daily
  • chal­len­ging and ver­sat­ile tasks
  • respons­ib­il­ity from day one in a great, agile team of diverse, smart, and pas­sion­ate people
  • the chance to build something from scratch
  • open minded, young and highly motiv­ated team
  • cre­at­ive envir­on­ment
  • oppor­tun­ity to become a full­time employee after fin­ish­ing your stud­ies

How to ap­ply:

  • CV and if you have a Git­Hub or Bit­bucket pro­file or any con­tri­bu­tion to Open Source pro­jects
  • if any, links to past pro­jects you have real­ized con­trib­uted to
  • if any, cre­den­tials of your last employ­ees
  • Send your applic­a­tion via email to Irene: