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Liang­Dao GmbH - Intel­li­gent Auto­mot­ive Tech­no­logy

Liang­Dao is a fast grow­ing Chinese-Ger­many star­tup in global auto­mot­ive industry. We aim to provide data driven engin­eer­ing, val­id­a­tion, and test­ing ser­vices for the autonom­ous driv­ing solu­tions. We are based in Beijing and Shang­hai in China and now open­ing the European Research Cen­ter in Ber­lin. We are look­ing for­ward to your join­ing at Liang­Dao to take on a unique and chal­len­ging role.

Soft­ware Algorithm Developer - ADAS/AD

Auto­mot­ive LiDAR, Multi-Sensor Data Fusion, SiL Plat­form

Work­ing field:

  • Con­duct­ing research and devel­op­ment related to object detec­tion and track­ing algorithms based on auto­mot­ive laser scan­ner (Lidar) data.
  • Devel­op­ing fusion concept for mul­tiple sensors (Radar, Lidar, Cam­era, etc)
  • Devel­op­ing algorithm mod­ules with ANSI C code (and poten­tially C++) with optim­iz­a­tion, mod­u­lar­iz­a­tion and main­ten­ance
  • Devel­op­ment and main­ten­ance of Qt based Soft­ware In the Loop (SiL) Plat­form includ­ing visu­al­iz­a­tion of pro­cessing res­ults
  • Doc­u­ment­a­tion of the dif­fer­ent developed mod­ules


  • Mas­ter or PhD degree in Elec­trical Engin­eer­ing, Com­puter Engin­eer­ing, Geo­mat­ics Engin­eer­ing, Com­puter Sci­ence or a related field of study
  • Self-starter with strong com­mu­nic­a­tion skills
  • Entens­ive know­ledge and exper­i­ence in point cloud pro­cessing
  • Good know­ledge in Machine Learn­ing
  • Strong ANSI C/C++ devel­op­ment and debug­ging skills required.
  • Python and MAT­LAB devel­op­ment skills is prefer­able
  • Highly pro­fi­cient prob­lem solv­ing /ana­lyt­ical skills and able to mul­ti­task
  • Strong Eng­lish writ­ing and com­mu­nic­a­tion skills and abil­ity to cre­ate/modify tech­nical design doc­u­ments, manu­als and release notes.

What we of­fer:

  • Excel­lent career oppor­tun­it­ies in a Ger­man-Chinese devel­op­ment team
  • Fast grow­ing through cooper­a­tion with first-class busi­ness and tech­no­logy part­ners (Ger­man and Chinese OEM and sup­pli­ers)
  • Per­form­ance-based salary bey­ond mar­ket avar­age
  • Trans­fer Pro­gram between Ber­lin, Munich, Beijing and Shang­hai

How to ap­ply:

If you are inter­ested in our pos­i­tion, please con­tact: